LOGO Fusion Fuselage Kits

The LOGO Fusion is a fuselage kit for LOGO helicopters. It's sleek and streamlined design with the fluent passage between canopy and tail boom cover improve the speed flying capabilities of the model. The improved visibility makes dynamic and big air flying even more fun.

3D-flight is of course also possible with the LOGO Fusion. The light takeoff-weight (only slightly heavier than the mechanics with canopy alone) makes the machine very nimble.

The tail boom cover slides onto the LOGO mechanics and is bolted to the prepared mounting points on the V2 chassis. At the tail, it is held by additional clamps. All r/c components keep their place on the mechanics, they are well accessible when you remove the large canopy. The Fusion Fuselage Kit comes ready to mount, including all the required small parts for the assembly, for the respective LOGO mechanics.

For the beginning, we offer the LOGO Fusion 690 for the LOGO 690 SX and the LOGO 550 Fusion for the LOGO 550 SX helicopters, respectively. An other size, the Fusion 600 for the LOGO 600 SX, will be available in the near future.

Please take note: the Fuselage Kits only fit the LOGOs they have been designed for. It will take considerable efforts to update other models of the respective line.
If in doubt, please consult the manual of your LOGO helicopter and the current manual of the respective LOGO the Fuselage Kit is designed for, to see what is different.

MIK5109 Fusion 550 Fuselage Kit

MIK5109 Fusion 550 Fuselage Kit


LOGO Fusion 550 Fuselage Kit Shipping rates for this item apply to EMS or small sized air packet only.  If you choose shipment by Fedex or others, extra shipping fees will be required.  Separate email for the extra funds required will ...

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