LOGO 400 SE 

Thanks to the addition of a longer tail boom to the LOGO 400, the LOGO 400 SE can take 473 mm rotor blades. The light weight of this machine in combination with the larger rotor disk make for longer flight times and an outstanding flight performance .
flybarless rotorhead with metal yoke
lightweight 8 mm head spindle 
swashplaste driver with 8 ball bearings
metal swashplate, aluminum motor plate
hollow 10 mm main shaft
carbon tail rod, carbon tail boom support
thrustbearing set for tail rotor with steel hub
GF airbrushed canopy 

Specifications  :
Rotor diamenter: 1090 mm
Rotor blades: 473 mm
Gear ratio main rotor: 1.7:7 -1:15.3 
Module 0.5 
Weight: 2000 g and up
Battery: 5S-6S lipo cells









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