MIK5218 VBar Control Custom Line, black/red, + Vbar Neo

MIK5218 VBar Control Custom Line, black/red, + Vbar Neo

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Product Code: MIK5218

Must conform to the local law when using this product. Thank you!

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Note: The use of the VBar Control radio requires a VBar NEO or an RX Satellite with a legacy VBar or Mini-VBar unit with firmware version 6.0 PRO or higher. This version is free for all legacy devices as an incentive (but not for VBar NEO), for anyone who purchases a VBar Control radio. After registering your VBar Control radio on www.vstabi.info, customers will be able to add and download firmware version 6.0 PRO free of charge, even for any VBars or MiniVBars they already own. More information on this process is available on www.vstabi.info.

Software Highlights:

  • Set up, programming and adjusting of VBar-controlled model helicopters accomplished directly via VBar Control transmitter.
  • No computer, control panel or smartphone necessary.
  • Instant access to almost every flight parameter from the transmitter controls, even in flight.
  • Easy programming for new helicopters via the familiar VBar setup wizard.
  • New ESC setup wizard for programming all types of speed controllers.
  • Bank switching with three banks.
  • Real time logging and real time vibration analysis readable from the transmitter.
  • Several telemetry functions are available, such as voltages, current, rpm, speed, and power consumption of the batteries (may need aditional hardware).
  • Storage of event log files like VBar event log, VBar Control event log, GPS way points, voltage/current logging etc.
  • Multiple timer functions available with warnings and reminders via sound, voice, or vibration output.
  • Wireless buddy boxing with two VBar Control transmitters, fully configurable.
  • Easy bind process, allows bind and fly of any model equipped with VBar Control (e.g. a buddy‘s heli) with your own transmitter (Model Sharing).
  • Software updates via internet using a simple VBar Control Manager app and the web browser.
  • Option for adding new features via apps, simple installation via internet, supports both Windows and Mac OS X-PCs, no drivers needed.
  • Airplane software availabe as a firmware update to existing Mini and full size VBars and as an App for VBar Control.

Hardware Highlights:

  • 80 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS bidirectional flight control, programming/setup and telemetry remote control system.
  • VBar Control Satellite Receiver connects directly to VBar flybarless controller via 2.4GHz VBar-Link protocol.
  • Unlimited model memory.
  • Virtually unlimited number of control channels.
  • High range, low latency, antenna diversity on both transmitter and receiver.
  • Intelligent antenna monitoring and management.
  • XXtra Bright Graphic Display featuring high contrast and ambient light sensor to automatically control the display brightness, making it equally well readable in bright sunlight and in the dark.
  • Easy Dialog System with rotary dial for convenient and safe inputs, with optical, tactile and acoustic feedback.
  • Precision gimbals with four ball bearings, fully adjustable.
  • Collective stick equipped with optional throw limiter.
  • Fully equipped with four 3-position-switches, two quick-break-switches and two rotation knobs, all fully programmable.
  • Delicate rubber lining for comfortable, slip-free and safe holding.
  • 3-point neck-strap attachment, for optimum balance.
  • Large 2 Watt loudspeaker for alarms and voice output.
  • Vibration alarm (adjustable).
  • Internal 8 MB flash memory.
  • Memory accessible as a USB memory stick, no drivers needed.
  • 4.000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery allows for long run times.
  • Charge through USB connector or built-in charger.
  • Power Supply for fast charging included.


Product data

Specifications VBar Control

Band                             2,4 GHz

Flight                            ModeMode 1-4 (Mode 2 default)

Model Type                  All model types and genres up to 9 servos, free programming via Macrocells, fully updatable to VBar NEO Pro or Pro+Rescue (purchase through our App Store).

Telemetry                     Telemetry with optional sensors available

Frame Rate                   10 ms

Range                           Full

Modulation                  80 Chanel FHSS

Proportional inpits       12

Flight Modes                4 Positions

Memory                       Flashmemory

Transmitter Battery      Lipo 1S 4000mAh

Charger                        Intl and Domestic AC adapter /USB charging


VBar Transmitter          VBar Control

VBar Receiver               VBar NEO VBasic Receiver

VBar                              -

Charger                         External fast charger with Intl and Domestic AC adapter

Accessories                   USB cable, Neck strap, VBar Control key chain






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