MIK4606 Gyroscope Vbar "Blue case" (From kit)

MIK4606 Gyroscope Vbar "Blue case" (From kit)

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Gyro Sensor VBar  ***This is identical to the "Silverline" sensor, it just has a BLUE case to match the Vbar NEO.*** Premium 3-Achs Gyro with Silicon Sensing Ring Sensor Technology  The new VBar gyro sensor is downward compatible with all existing main units (except for VBar with aluminium case sensor). The New VBar Silverline uses a new sensortechnology, which uses three sensorelements that are the only ones on the market specially designed and adapted for the use in real model helicopters. The Sensors are manufactured by the Company Silicon Sensings and use a oszillating ring structure for the detection of rates in opposite to the known sensors that ...

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