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5445 Mikado LOGO 800 blue/yellow Scorpion Motor Combo

5445 Mikado LOGO 800 blue/yellow Scorpion Motor Combo

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The LOGO 800 is the worthy successor to the venerable LOGO 800 XXtreme.



Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter 1800mm
Rotor blades Rotortech 810mm Carbon Rotorblades
RTF weight >5500g
recommended batterie 12-14 S Lipo, 4400-5500 mAh
Main gear ratio 9.71 / 10.46
Main Gear size 136 teeth, Module 1 25° herring bone
batterie slot 69 x 67 x 360 mm
Length 1670mm
Hight 445mm
Width 205mm
Blades Rotortech 810mm Carbon Rotor Blades
Tail Blades Rotortech 116mm Carbon Tail Rotor Blades
Canopy Airbrush Glas Fiber Canopy
Motor Scorpion HK-4535-380Kv with Ø6x50mm shaft
ESC(not included) Scorpion Tribunus 200A
Motor pinion(not included) 13/14 teeth pinion, modul 1 with 25° lead angle
VBar electronic(not included) VBar NEO/VBar NEO VLink

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