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19990626 Hacker Q100-6M kv168

19990626 Hacker Q100-6M kv168

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Q100-6M kv168

the new Q100-6M  made in Germany 

The Q100-6M fits perfect to electric powered large rc-models. Ideal for 3D / aerobatic models up to ~ 20kg weight. Also in scale models up to ~ 25kg , the motor makes a good figure.

The new Propadapter with 34mm bolt circle and 6 x M5 screws transmits the high torque of Q100 perfectly to the Prop.

Technical Data:

Powerrange   max. 9300W (15 sec.)
Idle current bei 8,4V   3,16A
Resistance   0,0049 Ohm
Kv   168
Weight ~   1830g
Diameter   113 mm
Lenght (Backmount - Prop)   95,5 mm
Pole   28
recommend ESC   MasterSpin 220 OPTO
recommend Timing   25°


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