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MIKADO ASIA over years of experience in RC Industry aim at providing RC Hobby lovers in Asia and China,the world’s leading radio-controlled model helicopters,VBar Control radio systems and VBar flybarless stabilization systems,for recreational flying as well as for champions. 


Mikado Products

LOGO 200

LOGO 200

BNF-RTF Micro Helicopter for VBar Control radio (bind and fly, ready to... 

  • VBar Control

    The black VBar Control Touch (order no.05130) now comes with the Comfort Set items. There are the ribbed plastic carrying handle, which offers better grip and improved carrying comfort, as well as the rubber feet, which make the radio stand slip-free on almost every surface. An all-black glossy V completes the facelift.

  • VBar NEO

    The size of the VBar NEO is slightly bigger than the VBar Mini, but it provides the connectivity of a Silverline. If features 9 fully usable servo outputs, a rpm sensor input, a connector for an external sensor, two telemetry ports, and an integrated USB port.

  • LOGO800

    The newly designed canopy of the LOGO 800 combines the known and appealing design and visibility with improved aerodynamics: the LOGO 800 accelerates faster and reaches higher top speeds when directly compared to it’s predecessor. This helps especially with swift transitions within or between 3D maneuvers and big air aerobatics.

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