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5584 Power backup, Vbar Control (1pc)

5584 Power backup, Vbar Control (1pc)

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Benefits at a glance

  • automatic activation and deactivation, depending on the operational status of the model (motor switch position, stick inputs)
  • all voltages can be monitored separately via telemetry
  • charging currents are adjustable, both for initial charging and for topping-up during operation
  • recharges automatically and immediately whenever needed
  • companion App warns the pilot whenever the backup is used
  • this unit ensures the everyday operation of your valuable models

Hardware features

  • wide input voltage range from 3 V up to 12.6 V (3s LiPo) with a 16 V peak margin
  • 40+ A peak current
  • short circuit protection
  • fast charge (adjustable) up to 2.4 A
  • charging current is ramped up slowly, to protect main power supply
  • decoupled channels for power delivery and for charging
  • VLink Telemetry monitoring and control
  • no r/c channel (servo connector) must be sacrificed, pass-through via main connector
  • active balancer between capacitors for low idle discharge
  • up to 3 units can be connected parallel, tripling the capacity and power; cascaded units are fully suported by companion App
  • telemetry input for other sensors or ESCs (daisy-chaining)
Power Supply 3-12.6 V (3s LiPo), max. 16 V
Dimensions approx. 48 x 55 x 19 mm (H x W x D)
Weight approx. 52 g including wires
Power Rating 40+ A peak
Device VBar Control Power Backup w/ power wire, manual
Connecting Wire Telemetry wire included
Miscellaneous Update VBar NEO, install companion App on transmitter



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