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K9010 Kontronik Connector System Silver 4mm - 10 Pairs

K9010 Kontronik Connector System Silver 4mm - 10 Pairs

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Each drive is only as strong as its connectors. Poor connectors may cause poor current flow. This influences the performance and may cause in a defect of the ESC.

KONTRONIK offers several well tested connector systems which we recommend


The KONTRONIK high performance connector system is made from silver-plated brass, meeting all the requirements for a good connector system: 

  • Low contact resistance – Silver-plating with a brass cross-section for an excellent electrical conductivity.
  • Extremely light-weight – Connectors are hollow for a reduced weight.
  • Good solderability – Unique soldering post for lengthwise or crosswise orientation of cable. Low weight, small size and safe contact make it what it is – a connector system useful for competition. It is often used at world championships.

10 pairs & shrinking tubes

Order # 9010

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