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K9476 Kontronik Heat Sink KOSMIK 40mm Height

K9476 Kontronik Heat Sink KOSMIK 40mm Height

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Heat Sink

Better efficieny with better cooling

With sufficient cooling, efficiency and life span of the KONTRONIK ESCs increase. Especially without passive cooling (by air stream e.g.), we recommend an active cooling system by additional fan.

Heat Sink KOSMIK 40 MM

Heat sink KOSMIK 40 mm

With sufficient air stream, this finger heat sink increases efficency and live span of your KOSMIK ESC.

KONTRONIK recommends thermal conductive glue for fixing the heat sink on the KOSMIK ESC. this glue reduces the gap between KOSMIK and heat sink and consequently improves thermal conduction. Please note that fixing with this glue can hardly be unfixed and mechanical damage of the ESC may result by trying to unfix the heat sink. 

  • Size 50 x 50 mm, 40 mm high

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