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YGE Optocoupler - Modul

YGE Optocoupler - Modul

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YGE Optocoupler - Modul


Optocoupler - module

To use for BEC ESC ́s on galvanic separation between receiver and engine circuit. Very recommendable with cosumption from greater than 40A, and from 4 Lipos, or 12 cells NiCd/NiMh. With the use of the module a receiver battery with counter cable becomes necessary. Now the receiving is not supplied any more by the regulator, but only by the receiver battery.

Specific features:

higher security
the best sturgeon suppression
no danger with deeply unloaded driver battery almost no load of the BEC
Strengthening of the receiver signal

Technical data:

Company tension: 3 to 9 V
Power consumption of the receiver battery: 0.5 mA Power consumption of the driver battery: 0.5 mA
On both sides reverse polarity- and short circuit-firmly Weight incl. wire: 1.6 g
Plug size: JR

The module is simply put between receiver and ESC and the JR plug comes to the throttle chanal of the receiver, and the 3rd pencil strip to the regulator. The connection result JR is same on both sides. Now the red wire of BEC Plug to the ESC may not be separated any more. To the care one can protect the plug in the module with a stripping tape.

The optokoupler has a term delay of 35 μs what leads to a stop point movement of the throttle chanal. If the ESC does not initialize after assembly of the optocouplers any more, the trim of the throttle chanal must be put down, or be increased the lower throttle curve of the throttle chanal about 10%. (Stop point must be reduced about 10%)

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